Weight Loss

What is the Lipotrim Weight Loss Programme?

The programme uses Liptotrim Total Food Replacement products. These are only available from a pharmacy. Lipotrim uses low in calorie, but nutritionally complete, shakes and bars to replace your regular meals. While on the programme you attend weekly visits to your local Insync Pharmacy to monitor your progress and receive support from trained staff.

How does it work?

At each visit, your weight loss specialist will measure your weight and give you your weekly supply of Lipotrim foods.Once you've reached your target weight they will help you switch back to eating ordinary, nutritious foods and introduce you to Lipotrim Maintenance products to help you maintain your new weight.To make sure you are suitable for the programme they will carry out a free consultation with you first, which gives you the chance to ask any questions you may have.

How much will I lose?

The programme reduces the number of calories you have each day making your body burn excess fat instead.If you are female you can typically lose one stone a month, while males can lose one - and - a - half stones in the same period.

If you are serious about losing weight, join our friendly, supportive and confidential programme today. Using the pharmacy only Lipotrim programme we support patients as they undertake this life changing treatment. It is easy to join today

Be the person you've always wanted to be in 3 easy steps

  • Step 1) Watch the short Lipotrim Pharmacy Weight Loss Programme film below
  • Step 2) Visit your nearest Insync Pharmacy and speak to one of our trained staff
  • Step 3) Start your Lipotrim Pharmacy Weight Loss Programme including weekly visits to your Insync Pharmacy for your weight loss food supplements, advice, support and weigh-ins

Continued Support

Once you are on the programme our support does not stop there. You are required to attend weekly meetings in the pharmacy where we track your progress and provide one to one support.