Register with Insync Pharmacy

Why Register?

When registering with Insync Pharmacy you enable us to order your prescriptions with your doctor’s surgery when you order with us.

Insync Pharmacy then track your prescription in and out of the doctors ensuring that it should be ready when we say it will be ready and all the items you wanted you get. Insync Pharmacy then try to ensure that your prescription is at your desired location or delivered to your house for free, on the day we tell you it will be.

Other advantages of registering and ordering with Insync Pharmacy

  • We order the stock when we order the prescription. This reduces the amount of times we have to owe you items when you come to collect.
  • Just want a delivery this time? Just ask at time of ordering. We don't mind.

Insync Pharmacy do not automatically order your prescription. This ensures you get the items you want and none are wasted.